Skanska paving fights smog in Gdańsk

Anti smog paving is to be laid down next to the Wave office building under development by Skanska in Gdańsk.

The first such paving slabs were laid in Warsaw and Kraków. Photo-catalysts in the concrete use light from the sun to break down harmful air-borne pollutants. According to Skanska’s measurements nitrogen dioxide levels can fall by as much as 30 pct in the areas around such paving.

“Through our work with technological and scientific partners, we have demonstrated that our system can play a role in the fight against smog in cities and this is why we are introducing anti-smog concrete in projects across seven Polish cities,” says Anna Tryfon-Bojarska, the innovation manager at Skanska.

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Green concrete was first used at Rondo Daszyńskiego, where the Generation Park complex is under construction and it has also been laid around the High5ive project in Kraków. The first stage of the Wave project is to be delivered in June 2020.