Hungarian president at the UN General Assembly

President Janos Ader said that regional and municipal cooperation in curbing greenhouse gas emissions should be expanded.

Hungarian President Janos Ader attended a meeting of state leaders on climate change, organised on the sidelines of the 72nd UN General Assembly, the meeting looked at possible further action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, MTI reported. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the Paris climate accord adopted in 2015 is "an important milestone but not the final goal" in the fight against climate change, Ader told MTI. "Even if all countries fulfil their commitments, global warning might still exceed the critical 2 C.," Ader cited Guterres as saying.

Ader noted at the meeting that organisations comprising regions and municipalities fighting climate change have made great headway in the past years. Under2, an organisation launched by California governor Jerry Brown, now encompasses over one billion people in various regions and cities in the world, he said.

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Hungarian government responded to the European Commission

Members pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050, although some members are keen to achieve a 95 percent reduction, Ader noted. He offered to cooperate in further expanding the member list, noting that Budapest is the only member from the CEE region. He also suggested that members outline their plans until 2060 instead of 2050.