Hungarian government responded to the European Commission

The disagreement is political, says state secretary.

According to the Hungarian government the restrictions imposed by the new NGO law are proportionate and the disagreements with the European Commission are mainly political in nature.

Hungary has sent its response to the European Commission regarding the infringement procedures launched because of Hungary’s laws on NGOs financed from abroad and on foreign universities, a justice ministry official said on Monday, according to the Hungarian news agency MTI.

In its response, the government presented its case that the restrictions imposed by the laws in question are necessary and proportionate, state secretary Pal Völner told a press conference.

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“We can’t help it that the restrictions hurt [US financier] George Soros’s interests,” but “not even he can be above the law” in Hungary, Völner said. He expressed hope that the EC would “return to the legal ground on which these regulations were adopted”.

Völner insisted that the disagreements between Hungary and the EC regarding the laws in question were mainly political in nature, and not legal.